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Alpha Ball Screw designs and manufactures inch or metric precision ground ball screws to your print or to a competitor's standard.  With over 100 years of combined design and manufacturing engineering expertise, our products are engineered to last in the most demanding applications.  

Design Engineering Capabilities

  • Dynamic and static load capacity analysis

  • Detailed Hertzian contact stress analysis

  • Life prediction

  • Maximum linear or rotational speeds

  • Detailed structural and fatigue analysis

  • 2D drawings and 3D models

  • Custom designs

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Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Imperial ball circle diameters from 0.5” to 12.0”

  • Metric ball circle diameters from 10mm to 300mm

  • High helix or square lead (50 x 50)

  • Lengths up to 40 feet (12 meters)

  • Ground thread class to P3 or C1

  • Plain carbon or stainless steel

  • Industry standards:  ANSI, DIN, ISO, JIS

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Repair and Upgrade Services:

  • Repair of ball screws, actuators and slides / stages

  • Reverse engineering

  • Design upgrades to improve life and performance

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