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Flexible Part Feeders for industrial robots

FlexiBowl flex feeders are infinitely adjustable to feed parts ranging from 1mm to 300mm.  Pick from three operating modes:  

  • Traditional - where the disc indexes under a vision system for stationary parts to be picked by a robot

  • FlexiTrack - where the disc rotates continuously and a robot picks parts as they move under the camera

  • Multiple Part Feeding - using up to six different sectors on the disc to feed multiple parts from one FlexiBowl.

​FlexiBowl's unique design allows three different operations to happen simutaneously.  Parts are fed from bulk in one sector, agitated/singulated in a second and picked by the robot in the third.


FB range.png

FlexiBowl's range extends from a 200mm disc up to a 1.2 meter disc.  For very small parts the 200, 350 and 500 series are available with an edge (-E) to keep parts in the picking area.  Plug-ins are available for most industrial and collaborative robots.  


ISO 5 cleanroom versions available 

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