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 The highest force-density electric actuator on the market

Planetary roller screw actuator with grooved roller bearing support:

  • Planetary roller screw converts rotary to linear motion.  Free floating planets operate quietly and efficiently at high speeds without the "chatter" of a ball screw while offering 15 times the contact points.

  • CMC's patented grooved roller bearing support is essentially a zero-lead planetary roller screw.  It supports the high forces generated by the planetary roller screw in the same physical space. The grooved roller bearing offers the same benefits over angular contact ball bearings that roller screws have over ball screws:  

    • higher loads, longer life.  

    • Smaller and lighter.

    • Higher resistance to shock loads.

  • Actuators and roller screw components are made in the USA by Creative Motion Control

  • Three internal gear ratios allow you to optimize speed and force.

  • Custom work:  CMC offers custom finishes, rod ends, gear ratios and motor mounts based on your specific need. 

  • Magnetostrictive absolute position feedback available.

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