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Creative Motion Control was founded in 2002 just outside of Seattle, Washington.  They manufacture high speed, high force linear actuators.  Their CPD actuator is offered with the following features:

  • Planetary roller screw converts rotary to linear motion.  Planetary roller screws offer the highest force density available.  The next problem is how to support such high force in a small package.

  • CMC's grooved roller bearing supports the high forces generated by the roller screw.  The grooved roller bearing is simply a zero-lead planetary roller screw.  

  • Oil filled for a maintenance free actuator

  • Internal gearing:  three standard ratios allow you to optimize speed and force.  Custom gear sets available.

  • Isolated motor mount eliminates motor bearing failure from excessive side loads

  • Internal (redundant) load cells, magnetostrictive absolute position feedback available.

  • Custom work:  CMC offers custom finishes, rod ends, gear ratios and motor mounts based on your specific need. 

CPD linear actuator

Creative Motion Control CPD actuator
  • Forces to 250,000 lb

  • Speeds to 40 inches per second

  • Frame sizes 2.5 to 10"

  • Standard strokes to 60"

  • Mounts to your preferred servo

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Birchrunville, PA  19421

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