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Rails and turnkey machines for laser marking and laser engraving.  FOBA offers Fiber, UV and CO2 laser sources.

FOBA's integrated vision system can check that the correct part is present under the laser, orient the mark to the part.  The laser will then mark the part.  After marking it will verify that the mark is complete and correct, validate 2D and bar codes to confirm that the mark passes your quality standard.

TITUS is the world's smallest marking head, comparable to a marker at under 8.5" in length and 1-5/8" in diameter.  

M-2000, M-3000 lasers with Class 1 enclosures are available as desktop and stand-alone.  The can be configured with turntables, rotary chucks and X/Y tables.


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FOBA Mosaic demonstration:

Vision identifies two parts and marks the appropriate text on each.

FOBA validation of marks through Optical Character Verification

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